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The Joy of Harley Quinn and The Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn: Suicide Squad and the Joy of the Most Loving and Loathing Comic Book Character of Our Time (Book) (Harper Design) is a bit like its title character: multi-faceted, complicated, and controversial. This beautiful hardcover book celebrates Harley Quinn’s legacy with illustrations from dozens of amazing artists throughout history including Patrick Nagel, Robert Williams, […]

The inside story of DC’s infamous New 52 reboot

In 2011, DC Comics launched “The New 52,” a campaign to revamp every one of its titles with new or updated first issues. They launched fifty-two new series starring characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. It was the biggest publishing event ever, but there were consequences. As the saying goes: Don’t try […]

Here are 10 of the best sour beers to taste at home.

If you’re looking to try something a little different this summer, here are the best sour beers from around the world, as recommended by HonestBrew’s online community. The style’s popularity has resulted in an explosion of unique bottlings over the last decade, proving that there’s no clear definition behind what constitutes a sour beer. And […]

7 Steps to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy

Post summary: Customer experience is a top priority to businesses, and the reason is simple: good customer experience reduces churn, and leads to more Customer experience is more than just a single touchpoint with a brand. It encompasses the entire customer journey. Below are 7 steps that will help you develop a great customer experience […]